Our HART token provides authenticity of artwork ownerships

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About HODLArt

We create amazing handmade artworks. Then we generate a unique NFT for ownership with our SmartContract.
You can buy our NFT on the largest platforms: Rarible and OpenSea.
You can look a passport and current owner of the Artwork on the website anytime.


Amazing Artworks

The best Artists create masterpieces of fine art on the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Non-fungible token

The N-F token confirms the uniqueness of the Artworks throughout the entire life path


Artworks with stamp of blockchain

Recent Projects

See what we have done for our happy HODLers.

Commission an Artwork
You will receive a handmade painting and a HODLart token (exclusive token with proof of ownership).
You will be able to trade this token on Rarible, Opensea and other available platforms with Xn price.

What can I commission?
Anything you like! Whether it’s a portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto or an artwork with cryptocurrency logo …

The acrylic painting “Endless Ethereum Possibilities”. Ethereum technology is changing the world. Ethereum is a smart contract that is used in DAO, DEFI, ICO and stablecoins. How many surprises are there in the future?

Material: Acrylic, Canvas. Size: 80 * 90 cm
Creator: HODLArt (Hand made)
Date of creation: 2020-12-01

wind bitcoin

“Fair wind!”

Everyone has heard and knows what this phrase means. Comments will be superfluous. The handmade painting “Fair wind!” will bring good luck to its owner, every sailor will tell you this!

Material: Acrylic, Canvas. Size: 80 * 90 cm
Creator: HODLArt (Hand made)
Date of creation: 2020-12

Bringing together creative people and blockchain technologies Rarible and Opensea marketplaces like planets in the universe of innovation.

Material: spray art, acrylic
Size: 46 * 35 cm
Creator: HODLArt (Hand made)
Date of creation: 2021-03-03

Who are you, Satoshi Nakamoto?

Each of us can be Satoshi Nakamoto. Look around!

Material: Acrylic, Canvas. Size: 25 * 45 cm
Creator: HODLArt (Hand made)
Date of creation: 2021-04-01

Our Team

We combine talents from different fields to achieve the pinnacle of excellence

Alex Chumak

Alex Chumak


Denis Drozd

Denis Drozd



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